Almeria and the “skyscraper” of the field

The innovative greenhouse projects of high-tech conducted in the field of almeria are breaking records with dimensions never before seen in this sector.


In the lands bathed by the sun of Almeria, a phenomenon agricultural amazing has come to life. The ingenuity and technology have teamed up to create greenhouses that defy the heights, bringing agriculture to the new horizons of productivity and sustainability. These new projects have transformed the landscape and the way they grow.

The need to maximize the agricultural production while improving the quality of products has led to some visionaries from Almería to think big and tall, getting to create new structures out of all order, you are really getting your goal.

Technology at the Service of the Field

from irrigation systems smart To drivers of climate of the last generation, these greenhouses are empowered by innovation, allowing for precise handling and efficient. The size does not scare you, because they are easier to handle even the greenhouses traditional.

Sustainability in Growth

Beyond productivity, these greenhouses have opened the way towards a model of agriculture that is more sustainable and respectful with the environment. Its design and the materials used reduce the consumption of water and energy, while minimizing the environmental impact, promoting agriculture to be more aware.

Transforming the Future of Agricultural

The impact of these greenhouses goes beyond the borders of Almeria. This approach avant-garde is influencing from already in the agriculture global, inspiring other countries and territories to think in new dimensions and perspectives to feed the world sustainably.