The agro-almeria: an inexhaustible source of employment

Almeria combat unemployment, with figures of up to 10 thousand unemployed less than a year ago


According to the Ministry of Work and Social Economy, the unemployment in the province of Almería decreased in August in 217 people, in contrast with the increase at the national level of 24.826 people (0,93%) and in the regional field from 2,882 people (0,42%) , although this regional increase was significantly lower than that of August of the previous year.

More than 10 thousand unemployed less than in August last year

August ended with 52.797 unemployed people in Almería, which represents a decrease of 10.813 unemployed in comparison with the previous year, with an annual rate of 17%. The agricultural sector was the main driver of the reduction in unemployment in August, with a decrease of the 3,82%, followed by the group with no previous employment was down to 1.49%. In contrast, the building experienced an increase in the 1,57% and the sector of services of 0.05%.

Of the total unemployed in August in the province, 21.595 were men (40,90%) and 31.202 were women (59,10%), highlighting the persistence of the gender gap. The youth unemployment rate remained at 8%.

In August took place 19.089 contracts in the province, of which 9.383 were undefined, marking the first time that the indefinite contract drops below 50%. In addition, the affiliation to the Social Security decreased in 1.164 people in Almería in comparison with the previous month, with a total of 300.951 affiliated in August.

The Secretary General of UGT Almería, Carmen Vidal, welcomed the decline in unemployment, and highlighted the positive impact of Labour market Reform on the quality of the contracts. However, he stressed the need to increase wages to recover the purchasing power of the workers and advocated for the industrialization of the province to reduce its dependence on sectors seasonal and services.



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